We are the DiscoBotZ of Redmond, Washington. This will be our 4th year participating in VRC and our 6th year doing robotics. Our team consists of four members, all in high school. Our names are Sarvesh, Varun, Nanda, and Mitra. In our previous years of robotics, we have been very successful, climbing the global rankings throughout the season and participating in several events across the world. Throughout the years, we have developed several hard skills, including programming, building, and designing. We have also developed many soft skills including teamwork, organization, and communication.

All four of us are passionate about robotics and are excited for a new year.


Sarvesh Senthil

Team Caption
Robot Design Manager
Robot Driver 

Sarvesh Senthil is currently attending Eastlake High School as a senior. In his previous years of doing robotics, he has been the Team Captain, build manager, and driver. He enjoyed these roles in the past years, and he was able to do the most in those roles. Some of his interests outside of robotics are biology, cars, movies, videography, RC planes and FPV drones.

Varun Senthil

Robot Programmer
Media Manager
Online Challenge Coordinator

Varun Senthil is a junior at Eastlake High School. He is the programmer for this team and has been competing in VEX Robotics competitions for 5 years. These past 5 years he has been to the world championship, and it has provided him with great learning, social, and team building experiences. Outside of robotics he competes in martial arts competitions and likes to fly RC drones and planes. This year he is excited to try and improve on our overall rankings and do better than we ever have in the past.

Mitra Junu

Outreach Manager
Website Manager
Pit Manager

Mitra Junu is a junior at Tesla STEM High School. This is her second year doing robotics. She has attended a variety of middle school VEX IQ competitions which is where she discovered her passion for robotics. Outside of robotics, she's a part of her school's student body and the editor of her school's yearbook. She's excited to compete in robotics for her second year!

Nanda Junu

Engineering Notebook 
Team Scout Manager
Public Relations Officer

Nanda Junu is a junior at Redmond High School. This is her 3rd year competing in VEX robotics. She competed in VEX IQ - Squared away with a different team in the 2019-2020 season. She also competed in the VEX VRC - Tipping point with this team in 2021-2022. Outside of robotics, she is an ambassador for Young Women in Biology and loved biology in general. She is so excited for this season and can't wait to see what it brings!


IQ 2017-2018

We started off as a Vex IQ team in Evergreen Middle School in 2017. Our first challenge was Ringmaster, and our team number was 47U. Back then we made it to the world championship and placed 6th in the global skills ranking. Our first year we had a lot of fun but we still had a lot to learn.

IQ 2018-2019

Our second year we competed in Next Level (IQ) and we did a lot better, we were even 1st place in the global skills ranking at one point. During states we won Teamwork Champion and Design Award. When it was time to compete in the world championship we came 6th in the global skills ranking again. For teamwork we made it to finals in our division.

VRC 2019-2020

This was our first year in VRC and we had to learn a lot of new things, but once we got the hang if it we were on a roll. At states we we're the skills champions and were qualified for Worlds. We even went to a signature event in Cancun, Mexico and won teamwork. But when COVID-19 hit, Worlds sadly got cancelled.

VRC 2020-2021

This was our second year in VRC and we competed in Change Up and did pretty well. We maintained 1st place on the world skills ranking for multiple months and won the robot skills champion at our states competition. We qualified for worlds and placed in the top 10 there as well. We learned a lot and our programming and engineering skills greatly increased. But, we still had a lot to learn and improve.

VRC 2021-2022

Last year was our 3rd year in VRC and we competed in Tipping Point. This was a unique year for us, it was the first time we had in person competitions after COVID-19 and was also the first time we competed in Worlds in person. We had a couple challenges throughout the year; the teams in Washington were more competitive than ever, and we really had to push ourselves to stay at the top. In Worlds, we were able to make it to the dome and it was an amazing experience for all of us.